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No Job, No Money
no job

U.S. Hiring Slowed Dramatically in May; Jobless Rate Falls to 4.7%

U.S. companies slowed their hiring drastically in May and unemployment fell as people dropped out of the labor force, a bleak picture for Federal Reserve officials as they prepare to debate increasing short-term interest rates at a policy meeting this month.

Nonfarm payrolls rose by a seasonally adjusted 38,000 in May, the weakest performance since September 2010, the Labor Department said Friday. Revisions showed employers added a combined 59,000 fewer jobs in April and March than previously estimated.

Well I don't worry too much

US is still on her recovery from 2009 Lehman brothers collapse. It has been steadily gaining momentum on GDP and employment. I trust Janette Yerren's handling of FRB policy. There is no need to rush to raise interest. One thing I know is that US is not going back to spending, borrowing, creates housing babble and debt. We can live high quality life with a little modesty. Iseheijiro

I am proud of my country

30th aniversary

I am proud to be a descendant of HEIKE. One in four Japanese have Heike DNA. Heike lost the war against Genji, however, Heike left Buddhist temples, Hiragana, Waka that became Haiku later, kimono and Lady Murasaki. "The Tale of Heike" is still the best seller today, it is a sad story. Our Emperor also has Heike DNA.

Please ask me any question in the comment column. Good luck to you all at the ISESHIMA SUMMIT.

Iseheijiro/Christine Aragon Louisiana USA
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