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Shinzo Abe is not a patriot at all

August 15th is coming. I wonder Shinzo Abe pays respect for the 2.5 million Japanese soldiers who died for their country. MacArthur said Truman that Tokyo Trial was mistake. MacArthur said that Japan fought for her defense at US Congressional testimony. Japan didn't start war against China nor against Russia nor against America. FDR was not as Teddy Roosevelt who mediated Russo/Japanese War. FDR was a crook who started WWII.

These were "Gunshin" that means soldier god who died for their country.

Shinzo Abe is a coward

abomb nagasaki trumans justification

When Shinzo Abe protests Hiroshima/Nagasaki a-bombings? This man was born after WWII and doesn't care the soldiers died for their country. He doesn't care the 220,000 civilians killed by Truman's genocide. Thus I call Abe a coward. Iseheijiro

I am proud of my country

30th aniversary

I am proud to be a descendant of HEIKE. One in four Japanese have Heike DNA. Heike lost the war against Genji, however, Heike left Buddhist temples, Hiragana, Waka that became Haiku later, kimono and Lady Murasaki. "The Tale of Heike" is still the best seller today, it is a sad story. Our Emperor also has Heike DNA.

Iseheijiro/Christine Aragon Louisiana USA
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