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If this is not an act of war what is it?

Chinese warship entered Japanese water again. Thy are increasing military presence in the Japanese water. Japan has a right to protect her territory and the US will go with it. This was what happened in 1894 when Qing China sent two large warships to near Nagasaki that was the beginning of Sino/Japanese War. China lost the war miserably and lost Taiwan, Liaoning Peninsula and Korea as the result. If this is an act of war, then, Japan can issue war declaration against China.. Isehehijiro

I am proud of my country

30th aniversary

I am proud to be a descendant of HEIKE. One in four Japanese have Heike DNA. Heike lost the war against Genji, however, Heike left Buddhist temples, Hiragana, Waka that became Haiku later, kimono and Lady Murasaki. "The Tale of Heike" is still the best seller today, it is a sad story. Our Emperor also has Heike DNA.

My father Haruo was a sailor on battleship"FUSO" 1915. Japan is a maritime country and China is not.Chinese sailors are afraid of water that is well known.

Iseheijiro/Christine Aragon Louisiana USA
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