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Iseheijiro comment on Bloomberg

Pure propaganda ~ proxy war ~blaming game,,,

Iseheijiro • 15 hours ago

1945 august 9th Soviet broke neutrality pact with Japan, 1.6 million Russians invaded Manchuria from the east, attacked "tiger's head" fortress, killed 2800 Japanese which women children who ran into the fortress included. The Russians moved to Changchun raped Japanese women with group. The Russian military stayed about 2 years in Manchuria to dismantle all factories, electric power stations, railroads, airfield,,They took everything includes toilets. 66,000 Japanese were taken to Siberia labor camps and only 32,000 returned home. Soviet violated Geneva treaty completely. When soviet collapsed Yeltsin apologized for "inhuman" act to Japan. He needed $10 billion to rebuild new Russia promising return of the islands. He got that $10 billion from my country Japan. Of course Putin broke that promise. Putin is no difference from Joseph Stalin who took our northern islands which was approved by Roosevelt at Potsdam. So the Japanese does not trust either America or Russia on Ukraine unrest. However we stay as ally to US until we get our nuclear war heads.

Alenas Kvasninas Iseheijiro • 13 hours ago

"1945 august 9th Soviet broke neutrality pact with Japan, 1.6 million Russians invaded Manchuria from the east, attacked "tiger's head" fortress, killed 2800 Japanese which women children who ran into the fortress included. The Russians moved to Changchun raped Japanese women with group......66,000 Japanese were taken to Siberia labor camps and only 32,000 returned home."

That would be Manchuria i.e China that Japan had been occupying and butchering the Chinese for a number of years. How many civilians did the Japanese kill in China and the rest of SE Asia?
It is awful how Japanese prisoners of war were treated, when the Japanese are famous for how well they treated allied prisoners of war during WW2. How many was it that they tortured and killed again?

Iseheijiro Alenas Kvasninas • 10 hours ago

You are Ignorant man. The Xinhai Revolution, also known as the Revolution of 1911 or the Chinese Revolution, was a revolution that overthrew China's last imperial dynasty; the Qing dynasty, and established the Republic of China. Neither Qing dynasty or the republic of China (1912) did not rule Manchurian territory. Based on the Lytton Report, League of Nations approved that Manchu Kuo built by Japanese Kandon army an independent state even though Kandon Army blew up s.o.b Chang Tso-lin the Manchurian warlord. Famous? You are mixing the Siberia labor camp in which Russians kept Japanese for 11 years, did not feed them to death and POW who were released right after the Pacific war ended. No western POW were killed nor starved to death. Japanese are civil not Russians. We did not keep the Russian prisoners during Japanese –Russo war 1905. Take no prisoners! Russians lost miserably.

Alenas Kvasninas • 10 hours ago

See? That is how a Japanese has been educated about WII "facts"...
Need we say more...

Iseheijiro mikewang1975 • 9 hours ago

No one in the world trusts Chinese. Chinese are liar by nature. They are born thieves. Don't eat any food produced in China. MacDonald suffered from Shanghai Happy Foods.

Iseheijiro Keith_Fenton • 2 days ago

No I am not in sympathy with IS, rather want to kill them all. Emotion won't win this war but calculation. You have no allies this time not even British will send troops.

Orleans Iseheijiro • 2 days ago

And ISIS will not attack if we leave them alone? Are you incredibly naive?

Iseheijiro Orleans • 2 days ago

Why do you go to war which you don't win? You are one of the Americans who do not listen and understand.

Orleans Ieheijiro • 2 days ago

They will not leave us alone, no matter what we do or don't do. You are a non -American who doesn't know what he's talking about.

Iseheijiro Orleans • a day ago

American knows more than non-American? Have you ever travel to Middle East? I did all of them and North Africa last year as a journalist.

Ieheijiro • a day ago

Americans do not listen until they lose their country which is only 238 years old. You have no allies on this war not as you did have at Gulf war. Not only Obama but George Bush 2 was bad president. Whoever supports invasion to Syria is ignorant. IS will attack American cities just as Bin Laden did 911, you forgot?

rmdyyc Iseheijiro • a day ago

Right. Because the rest of the world supports ISIS? What planet are you from. Ask yourself why European countries want to stop Muslim immigration. More like the islamic world has no allies.

Keith_Fenton Ieheijiro • a day ago

Are you in sympathy with ISIS?

Ieheijiro Keith_Fenton • 20 hours ago

No I am not in sympathy with IS, rather want to kill them all. Emotion won't win this war but calculation. You have no allies this time not even British will send troops.

Orleans Iseheijiro • 26 minutes ago

. “If genuine, we are appalled by the brutal murder of an innocent American journalist, and we express our deepest condolences to his family and friends.”

Yeah? How about the 220,000 innocent women, children and elders killed by a-bombs in Hiroshima/Nagasaki? No deepest condolences? That's why Japan is never your allies and friends.

Karthik Kumar Issy Wise • 8 hours ago

U.S. debt alone more than $17T where as RF debt is less than $1T

Iseheijiro Karthik Kumar • 24 minutes ago

Nobody wants to lend money to Russians. That's why.

frombrussels Iseheijiro • 2 hours ago

Let me remind you, in case you forgot, that USA nuked the sh*t out of your country ! Did you forget or forgave them already? Sho gun became extinct ?

Iseheijiro frombrussels • 31 minutes ago

No we are not forgiving US for the two atomic bombs. Us and Japan are military and economic allies. The bombs you mentioned has nothing to do our alliances. Also, its not your business!

Iseheijiro Issy Wise • 7 hours ago

I just told my wife that West has large financial superiority and technology advantage to Putin's Russia. I am a Japanese live in US and I assure you my friends we the Japanese are supporting US and NATO. We win!

Issy Wise Iseheijiro • 7 hours ago

Ironic isn't it? Russia (GDP $2T) is attempting to parlay its nuclear status into getting the EU and the US (combined GDPs $34T) into accepting the precedent that it can territoriality expand by force.
The Russians don't realize that abandoning the principle of no territorial expansion by force that prevailed in Europe since WWII is precedent setting. If Russia can do it, why not other nuclear powers?
It is the same situation as always, dictators believing their oppression of their own masses make them superior in will to democracies. Russia has to be stopped or we a have to accept a new world order where being nuclear insulates a nation from any restraining pressure to abide with borders.
It's Munich all over for the West. Either stop him now or he'll get up a head of steam and be real hard to stop.

jacob stanley’s comment is in reply to Iseheijiro:

(Iseheijiro) You lost! That matters!

jacob stanley

Iseheijiro • a day ago

NATO of the 28 members Countries two are located in North America (Canada and the United States) and 25 are European countries while Turkey is in Eurasia. All members have military, although Iceland does not have a typical army (it does, however, have a military coast guard and a small unit of soldiers for NATO operations). Three of NATO's members are nuclear weapons states: France, the United Kingdom, and the United States. NATO has 12 original founding member nation states and through April 2009 it has added 16 more member nations. And this large modern military vs. primitive Russian military?

Alenas Kvasninas Iseheijiro • a day ago

The primitive Russian military with its large number of ICBMs... yes such a very good idea for everybody that would be

acob stanley Ieheijiro • a day ago

i'm sorry I missed the part where Nato is at war with Russia? r u from the future?

Iseheijiro jacob stanley • a day ago

Russia lost Kosovo. Yugoslavia was a part of soviet. Never heard of it? You are an ignorant!

jacob stanley Iseheijiro • a day ago

u r Euro Trash, we remember Nato murdering innocent civilians in Yugoslavia, u must have selective memory

Iseheijiro jacob stanley • a day ago

You lost! That matters!

Shawn Moan Ieheijiro • 4 days ago

Say no more.. Our Pentagon is filled with Incompetent high school graduates who couldn't make it in the real world.. So they chose the military....

Bishadi Ieheijiro • 4 days ago

Retired perhaps for being obsolete.

Charles Mitchell Iseheijiro • 4 days ago

wow. crazy that a colonel would call for more troops. have you ever met a retired Vet who DIDN'T call for more war?

Iseheijiro Charles Mitchell • 4 days ago

You are too dumb to discuss serious matter. First, civilian control, administration, congress, committees to discuss and decide whether we send more troops or not. Throwing an opinion as you tells me you are not a good American. Maybe you are not American.

Iseheijiro Ron M • 4 days ago

Ron, I was against Bush 2 war 2003. He lied to Americans, took us to war. However, we are where we are. We are responsible for rebuilding Iraq. ISIS can be destroyed. They are only 10,000 primitive fighters. No match to our well trained professional military. We don't stay out of Iraq until Iraq gets on their foot.

Iseheijiro • 6 days ago

Hundreds of comments. What I understand is that sanctions have been working quite well. This is not physical war but financial war in which West has kept winning because Putin has no financial power. Russian bonds, rubles, Micex kept falling that tells me that sanctions are hurting Putin and his followers. Good! shutdown SWIFT.

Bubba2000 • 7 days ago

If pushed Japan could build a world class blue water navy, air force, etc like they did before and during WWII. They have the technology, organization and discipline to do it. Yes, they are a small country, but they did defeat Imperial Russia in 1905 and gave us a hard time during WWII. Defeated the Mongols, but weather helped. Worse, would be Japan going nuclear.

Iseheijiro Bubba2000 • 7 days ago

Mr. Bubba2000 Actually there's voices in the US Congress regarding nuclear Japan. Colin Powell and Armitage told Japan its up to Japanese people. There are no discussion in Japanese government. Abe promised no nukes at Hiroshima this month However, there is consensus among the top military ranks. When Japanese islands attacked by PLA, Japan will turn to nuclear nation so fast.

emmseff • 6 days ago

Bravo Japan and not a moment too soon. China just can't shake their victim's syndrome and inferiority complex which makes them bent on revenge. A dangerous, belligerent threat which must be met with force - sadly the only language the CCP understands. A formidable, well-armed Japan will insure peace and stability for itself and the region.

kyrifles • 6 days ago

Meanwhile, China is spending 3x as much. The Japanese are still asleep at the switch. They had better hope the US-Japan Mutual Defense Treaty is worth the paper it's written on.

Francis • 7 days ago

I think the chinese would be scared if they didn't about three times this amount per year, and have an offensively capable military

JDL51 Francis • 7 days ago

They might not be scared but they're not very smart. As we speak, every country on their borders is making defense arrangements with everyone else because China, like Russia, is trying to expand its empire at their neighbors' expense.

Iseheijiro JDL51 • 7 days ago

China will be destroyed miserably. I guarantee.

ww20815 Ieheijiro • 6 days ago

How? Please explain your strategy.

Iseheijiro WhatDidYouSay • 6 days ago

Japan & US together have over 80 PC3 & PC8 which PLC does not have. We also have small subs which PLC does not know where they are because they are so quiet. Most of them are in the South China sea near Hainan island. China will lose the battle miserably.

Francisco garyoptica • 6 days ago

The problem is that the Gas will not be stolen from Russia, but from EUROPE. Do U get that?

rob Francisco • 4 days ago

Ya. Its just like Putin to think that Ukraine would do something like that to the EU. Maybe that is what he is hoping for. Turn the EU against Ukraine for stealing EU gas esp. when EU is trying to help Ukraine with sanctions. A snake is always a snake.

Iseheijiro garyoptica • 6 days ago

Ukraine can siphon off the stinking gas and not pay outstanding bill because Putin has severed Crimea off Ukraine, killed Ukrainian for not pay bills. Go ahead siphon the Putin's gas now!

Francisco Iseheijiro • 6 days ago

IT will not be Putin, it would be the European Gas!!! Europe must be TOTALLY INSANE to support the likes of this...

Iseheijiro Francisco • 5 days ago

Why don't you shut down your stinking gas and see what happens. Russia will be ousted from trade forever. We don't need you.

rob Ieheijiro • 4 days ago

Russia has over 10million bbl/day of much needed black gold. If the world looses that much oil...it could devastate.

Iseheijiro rob • 3 days ago

Russians can drink it. Taste like soda pop.

rob Iseheijiro • 3 days ago

An expensive soda pop. Just so they don't drink it with coal ... it may upset their stomachs.

Mohammed Chawla Guest • 6 days ago

A nation with major exports of vodka, guns, contract killings and prostitution.
Gail Mohammed Chawla • 6 days ago

Ieheijiro Gail • 6 days ago

I have to agree with Mohammed. Russia does not make anything but misery. Are Russian prostitutes good? I want to try one.

Iseheijiro • 6 days ago

Putin is a punk. He is not ruling Russia with iron fist as Stalin did. Give some nukes to Ukraine to shut up Putin and his followers.

DeltaV Iseheijiro • 6 days ago

While it is true that Putin has ensured that Russian per capita wealth is only 1/2 that of China, he is definitely not a punk. He is merely monstrously incompetent and immoral. It is funny that in the Free World the argument is about equality and in particular why the top 1% have received all of the benefit of the recent "recovery". In Russia, the current epicenter of the Slave World, the top 0.1% have received all benefits, in every way imaginable, for far longer due to Putin's influence.
More recently, Putin has decided to ignore the territorial integrity of other nations. Ukraine and Georgia should be brought into NATO as full members immediately, as there is no longer any reason to respect the concerns of the outlaw terrorist Russia.

Iseheijiro • 7 days ago

Xi Jinpin is the last Emperor for CCP. The world forgets this moron so fast.

mysaug Ieheijiro • 7 days ago

yes, long live Taiwan as independent free China.

Ieheijiro mysaug • 7 days ago

I support Taiwan from the bottom of my heart. They are richer, stronger and smarter than Japan my country. We are brothers and sisters.

Be Way Iseheijiro • 7 days ago

Another silly lie again. President Xi may be the first President to get the honor to see China claiming back the NO 1 economic power of the world where China reigned for 18 out of 20 centuries.

remied Be Way • 7 days ago

Haha thats funny, you should get into comedy. More like China been stealing and copying technology, making up history; overall being sneaky for 20 out of 20 centuries. Your statement support it.

Be Way remied • 5 days ago

Stealing? When China was one of the most prosperous nation on earth, the warmonger U.S doesn't exist at all and Europe was still under the dark continent where barbarism and cannibalism ruled the land. So copy from who?

remied Be Way • 4 days ago

am a Chinese working as a China analyst at a think tank. It is becoming more and more apparent to many people, that the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) knows it is on its last straw of survival.
The party is facing severe and endlessly increasing systematic stress on all fronts:
1. Increasing external oppositions from all other countries in the world including all of China's neighbors. They are forming more and more alliances and becoming more outspoken with rising strengths against China, in addition to increasing anti-China sentiment from people in all other countries. Many countries including Canada and Australia and U.S. have just tightened their immigration policy to prevent Chinese from entering their countries. Even on these casual internet message boards, when you look past the paid Chinese propaganda professional commenters, you notice rising general anti-China feelings from all over the world.
2. Increasing internal severe and massive violent social unrest and anti-CCP mutiny from people of all Chinese living places. To beat down internal dissent in mainland China, the CCP every year is forced to spend even more money than on its massive military budget. All the semi-external places (Hong Kong, Xinjiang, Tibet, Macau) are fighting harder and harder to break free from China. Taiwan is for all practical purposes already a separate democratic country, with its own army specificly trained to fight the PLA, and anti-China sentiment there (especially among younger Taiwanese generation) is at all-time high after seeing how China violently suppress Hong Kong as an example of "reunification". This whole situation is continuously worsened by the free flow of information, with Chinese people knowing more and more from travelling abroad and learning about truths from jumping beyond the "Great Fire Wall" on the internet.
3. Its own economy and social system never able to advance to higher level beyond mass skill-less manufacturing, due to complete absence of law and common morals. High technology and innovations and scientific development all require many citizens working together voluntarily contributing long term in a system they trust, with things like rule of law, no censorship on knowledge, no restrictions on speech and expression, copyrights, open minds, patents, common morals when collaborating and trading with each other etc. These qualities are all destroyed in modern China by the CCP. When was the last time you heard an announcement of technology development or innovations or scientific breakthrough coming from a Chinese organization / company / university? You haven't because there ain't any. Unlike mass manufacturing factory work, high level human developments cannot be forced by or bought with a dictator's central planning. The only way contemporary China gets these things is from stealing and spying from all other countries e.g. secretly installing spywares in foreign executives' electronic devices when they enter China, but that has become much more difficult since the whole world has caught on to their act.
This systematic fatal flaw is why you do not see even one Chinese brand or company that can compete in the international market in any industry of the human race. For example Lenovo, who is already one of the few Chinese brands some people may have heard of, cannot make either the chips that power their computers or the operating system that run them, so it is just one of many plain vanilla boxmakers without any competitive advantage offering only cheap price. Another example Huawei is blacklisted by many countries and international customers because everyone knows Huawei's products send all communication data back to the CCP. This CCP weakness is also why China cannot produce even one home-grown science Nobel Prize winner in its history, nor one famous business guru, nor one cultural figure, not even a third rate national soccer team. No rule of law in China also means no people or businesses, both Chinese and foreign, ever invest in China long-term or on a large scale because everything frequently change on a whim along with the political climate. No one trusts any contract or agreement in China because they are always broken by the Chinese and there is no legal protection whatsoever, meaning China can never advance to a knowledge economy or service economy. Your business can be taken from you any second by the military police working for someone with "guanxi". No rule of law also ensures Shanghai fail to become a financial city despite the CCP dumping huge resources into it for 30 years.
4. China's mass skill-less manufacturing itself is going away to other countries due to sharply increasing costs and openly hostile and unfair business environment full of frauds and sanctioned protectionism and government robberies. The labor force is endlessly more demanding in wages and benefits expectations and working conditions, especially since all of today's Chinese workers are single child used to coddling and indulgement by their own family. It is further worsened by the rise of robotic automatic manufacturing and 3D printing. This situation is a death knock to the "growth-based legitimacy" of the CCP, which is the only thing CCP can rely on for continuing ruling power. For sure Chinese people tolerate or even "like" the CCP when the economy seemingly explodes, but when one day it crashes and the country's hopeless bad shape hit them in the face the people's "support" for the CCP will turn on a dime.
Since six months ago, all the major economic indicators for China have gone on a continuing nosedive - including manufacturing orders, export volume, commercial investments, graduate employment rate, corporate credits, foreign capital inflow, domestic consumptions, real estate prices, consumer spendings, luxury goods demand, HSBC Service PMI, survey of business sentiments etc. Suddenly all the rich Chinese tourists gobbling up luxury goods at different world cities seem to have disappeared altogether. The CCP is on its last resort of printing literally trillions of worthless renminbi to dump into massive failing and zero ROI "state projects" that only enrich corrupted CCP officials. China's huge multi-year increase of M2 money supply (it is afraid to publish the figures citing "national security") causes way more long-term harm on itself than short-term help, and when that is over there is nothing else the CCP can do to prop up the failing economy. China currently ranks 82nd on GDP per capita and that is the highest it can go before falling sharply in the coming near future.
5. Fierce unstoppable purges and mutually-destructive infighting among different factions within the party, who are imprisoning and killing each other every day. This power grab goes on under the laughable thin guise of "anti-corruption drive" when everyone knows all officials in china are corrupted. No work to manage the country or guide the ship is being done while this is going on.
6. Its many previously-suppressed fatal problems have all grown too big to be contained all catching up to the CCP e.g.
- severe carcinogenic poisonous pollution everywhere in air and water and soil and their own food etc, with the WHO issuing multiple warnings on Chinese population having the fastest cancer growth rate in the whole world
- skyrocketing unrepayable bad debts of all kinds everywhere, its true scope no one on Earth knows because all data from China are faked
- biggest housing bubble in human history, in addition to innumerous crumbling "ghost cities" and shoddily-built vanity project "GDP-creating" infrastructure that cannot and will not be used
- rapidly aging demographics with a 140:100 male:female ratio (from one child policy, culture of "leftover women", and many Chinese families killing their own daughters so as to chase boys)
- world's no.1 wealth inequality, with a Gini coefficient rivaling 18th century France just before the French revolution
- complete absence of soft power / cultural influence / social attraction, partly due to CCP censorship. One result of which is minimal and sharply dwindling number of foreign professionals and tourists and students going to China. It also means the CCP only has force as the only tool to use on the international stage
- all Chinese chasing foreign-brand goods and services while ditching low-quality Chinese-brands, who have a well known history of poisoning their own food and their own baby formula so as to make more money. This dashs CCP's hope to build indigenous industries and a domestic consumption economy
- corruptions and fraud throughout the whole rotten core of a system
- desperate mass exodus at all levels of Chinese society to escape the country using emigration or buying houses / study abroad or marriage to foreigners or plain old human smuggling, resulting in all able Chinese leaving taking huge amounts of talents and money out of the country
- the law of large numbers, "middle-income trap", "Minsky moment", "Lewis inflection point" all work against the growth-based legitimacy CCP desperately needs for its survival
Most importantly, the CCP knows that if 1.4 billion Chinese learn about basic human qualities such as morals, truth, justice, human rights, rule of law, fairness, freedom, universal values etc the CCP will be toppled very quickly. Therefore its state-controlled brainwashing education and propaganda machinations ensure a complete lack of morals and regard for laws in all Chinese growing up and beyond. Coupled with the fact that Chinese do not work well together, this results in failure in all basic aspects of human interactions with every modern Chinese, whether it is business trading / personal dealings / technology development / creating innovations / human communications / scientific research / artistic expressions / teamwork collaborations / academic exchange etc. Another propaganda brainwashing technique used by the CCP is to make all Chinese people pathologically nationalistic and very emotional on this issue, so the CCP can always create and point to some "foreign enemies" so as to hide all the domestic crises and government robberies going on. This attention-diverting technique is the same trick magicians have used for more than a thousand years to fool their audience.
An interesting example would be the Chinese reaction to this report - they are expected to dismiss this report as total rubbish, accuse the author "unpatriotic" for saying the truth, shout China will only become richer and stronger than all other countries, yet they will give no counter-arguments and they will make no acknowledgement to the horrible factual conditions and complete lack of basic human qualities listed above in modern China. Ironically, the longer Chinese people deny or refuse to acknowledge the CCP problem, the longer they are only digging themselves into the hole and hurting themselves for any chance of recovery, causing the chinese economy to crash even further. Consider the example of Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, Youtube, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram etc - these services are all completely banned in China while at the same time the rest of the planet are on these services every second communicating ideas with each other, making friends, exchanging knowledge, doing business, working together, improving science and technology and arts, and advancing humanity.
Some people say China economically developed a lot in past 20 years, but the truth is this "development" is actually debt borrowed against the future. After the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre of their own students, in order to survive and hang on to power, the CCP was forced to pursue short-term explosive economic growth that sacrifice everything else, including a foundation or potential for long-term economic and social development. This "scorched earth" policy is like winning the lottery for corrupted CCP officials who can rob a lot of money from the country in the short-term before escaping to America. The only entity left to suffer is China's future from this point on, a country that has been turned by the CCP into a place with no law, no morals, no system for future scientific or economic or social development, no spiritual support apart from money, no trust or cooperation among Chinese, no trust or goodwill from foreigners, no other country as friends, all resources sold away cheaply, entire environment and air and water and soil and food fatally polluted, only social recognition is to make a lot of money for "face", no creativity or personal development for Chinese young people, a populus not allowed to know the truths and not allowed to say the truths.
The end result is that majority wealth of this "debt borrowed against the future" has gone to the 0.0000001% elite ruling class "princeling" CCP families (about 250 of them) who have already smuggled trillions of dollars abroad along with their U.S. passports and their own children (all Chinese elites and Politburo members hold foreign passports, with U.S. and U.K. being the most sought after choice). For the CCP in 1989, 1.4 billion people is great central-planning asset when the country start from nothing and you order them to do backbreaking mass manufacturing repetitive factory work 20 hours a day without workers protection of any kind. But in the 2014 borderless knowledge economy when that no longer works, 1.4 billion immoral and uncooperative and selfish and undeveloped and angry Chinese contained in a lawless system without any hopes of growth is very, very dangerous liability for the CCP.
All debts against the future have to be paid back - China is no exception. That moment may arrive a bit later than expected but it surely will come, as it has on 100% of occasions in human history. In normal countries bad conditions correct themselves with short periods of market ups and downs, but in China the CCP suppress all problems and criticisms until inevitable system meltdown. For China the moment has arrived to suffer the consequences for all its own chosen actions in past 30 years. All the festering fundamental systematic problems listed above and much more, are only getting worse and worse everyday until one day when the system can suddenly no longer bear.
Think USSR in 1989.
( Cliff notes summary for the smartphone generation with ADD, ADHD and Asperger's:
- The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) signed a deal with the devil to pursue miraculous short-term economic growth
- Miraculous short-term economic growth has been achieved, now China has hit the wall on its path of no return, many bad conditions have caught up
- CCP cannot go on externally, it cannot go on internally, economy has no way to go but greatly down, many fatal cancers and huge structural problems from the past now overwhelming the country
- Something has to break, what happens is anyone's guess, guaranteed to greatly impact China and the world )

Iseheijiro nyse777 • 7 days ago

We the Japanese are with you. West will provide anything you people need. Gas, oil, food, cash. You can shut the Putin's monkey pipelines anytime you want.

Ilya R Ieheijiro • 7 days ago

Chinese will whip your asses pretty soon.

Iseheijiro • 7 days ago

It does not matter who is right or wrong. Russia will lose miserably again,again and again.

Not Important Iseheijiro • 7 days ago

exactly... people don't understand that right or wrong do not matter on international level when we're talking about war. I believe ww 1 and 2 have taught us that both sides were wrong on some levels, and the fact that Germany lost which is why they were labeled as the aggressor. if they had won, they would have been labeled as suppressed by france and england.... It's winner takes all in these type of games.

Iseheijiro • 9 days ago

Japanese does not trust Putin Neither Obama. Putin is not as good liar as Obama. Russians are primitive so to speak. US and Russia have not changed from the time Roosevelt the big liar and Stalin the primitive ganged up against Japan. Japanese are no longer naive. We get nukes eventually.

Iseheijiro • 10 days ago

I personally don't believe there will be a war between West and Russia. This is a border skirmish. Putin has a big ego and he is fighting for it. In-matured man. Islamist State is not threat to US unless Obama pokes the snake pit. Air strike Syria?Obama is pretty in-matured too. The imminent threat is to Iraq. Sunni invites IS from Syria, kill Kurdish and kill Shiite to grab oil field. When Bush 1 and 2 started wars against Hussein, US lost the war. Only US gained is debt, a big one.

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1)口座番号  10940-26934811
2)口座名    隼機関   ハヤブサキカン







伊勢平次郎はペンネーム。アメリカへ単身移住してから50年が経つ。最初の20年間は英語もろくに話せなかった。英語というのは、聴き取りにくく、発音しにくい厄介なものだ。負けん気だけで生きた。味方を作ることが生き残る道だと悟った。そのうち、コロンビア映画、スピールバーグ監督、トヨタ工場、スバル・いすゞ工場の北米進出、日本の新聞社に雇われた。2013・6 冒険小説You Die For Me アブドルの冒険(邦題)をアマゾンから出版した。昨年のクリスマスには、King of Pepper(英語版)胡椒の王様を出版した。日本、英国、デンマーク、ドイツの読者が読んでくれたわ。妻のクリステインと犬2匹で、ルイジアナの湖畔に住む。

写真は、ハヤブサ F. p. japonensis。カタカナで書かれる。瞬間飛翔速度は、時速300キロという猛禽。