2014/09/12 (Fri) みなさんは、英語で論争が出来ますか?
Iseheijiro • 6 minutes ago
Putin is not visiting Japan this fall said the Russian ambassador in Tokyo yesterday.Russia blames Japan for its participation on sanctions. Japan's sanctions are small as ban of Russians entry to Japan but it hurts Putin's love with Japan. Its a divorce indeed.

Jack Bluebird • 19 hours ago
Seems like US and EU is never quite happy with the outcome and has constant urge to kick the bear. The sad part is that it will be reasonable people in the EU who will suffer the most for their obvious misjudgement.

Rob Brown Jack Bluebird • 17 hours ago
Read Jack Bluebird's message above carefully and decide for yourself if his message is the message you want motivating you today. Do you believe that Russia is the victim? Or, is Ukraine the victim? Is Putin the victim? Or, is that abducted Estonian citizen the victim?

Konstantin Jack Bluebird • 19 hours ago
Why do you refuse to Europeans in their desire to unite in the fight for democratic values, you believe that they are less passionate than people in Russia are ?

Kage Peint Jack Bluebird • 17 hours ago
Reasonable people on both sides unfortunately.

Jan • 20 hours ago
As a dictator willing to move troops on the ground, Putin has enormous first-strike advantages, but do not underestimate the slow, but more powerful, deliberative democracies. They will gradually negotiate among themselves an array of sanctions and threats they are all united behind and then impose those terms on Putin. It just takes longer for a coalition of democracies to act, but the soft and hard power ultimately at their disposal can easily defeat Putin.

Gordon Jan • 20 hours ago
Horse sh*t, you troll.

AnalyticalThinker Jan • 19 hours ago
Yea, all these recent deals being struck among Russia and its eastern allies sure does signify Western sanctions are "working". NOT. This conflict with Russia has only pushed forward the day that western currencies suffer a significant and irreparable blow.
The sacrificial lamb here is the EU---a War with Russia is an act of desperation among the West as their REAL economies are sinking and each is engaged in unprecedented monetary policy, while sinking deeper into NIRP and ultimately bankruptcy.

Jan AnalyticalThinker • 19 hours ago
Your elegant escatology aside (analytical thinker??), it really is Merkel making this sanctions decision, not Obama. The sanctions are working, they just take time and are being phased in gradually with an appropriate recognition by the EU that to some extent they harm both Russia and Europe and a compromise solution should be sought. I think Merkel will lead on that. It is Europe that has enough sense of the complexity of Ukraine to make a solution, not the USA.

Rob Brown Jan • 16 hours ago
Well said. Russians try to drive a wedge between the EU and American allies. They often pick out particular issues as talking points that concern one EU country more than another. That is their way of spreading fear and uncertainty.
Merkel is in charge. I wish I could vote for her here in the U.S.A.. It will be quite interesting to see how she and Hillary Clinton get along if Clinton is elected next year.
Thank you for having let us know your thoughts and for your previous reply.

Rob Brown AnalyticalThinker • 16 hours ago
Take a good look at the words of AnalyticalThinker above and decide for yourself if this Russian troll is your friend or your enemy. Is he trying to intimidate and scare you or is he bring to empower you?
You decide and then know why all trade needs to end between the EU?US and Russia.

DoctorKolbasa Rob Brown • 16 hours ago
"if this Russian troll is your friend or your enemy" - LOL

Rob Brown DoctorKolbasa • 15 hours ago

Iseheijiro Jan • 18 hours ago
Yes Jan, I agree. Europeans understand Russians well. Exxon should not go North arctic. This morning oil and gas fell at market. One reason is US has stockpile and the other the technologies helped profits that means they don't have to produce so much. Actually too much production is hurting them. Putin is not businessman, spent too much time for military strategy that is stupid. We West should not relax sanctions against war monger. We should keep pressure permanently. Buy Russian gas just enough for Putin can buy food. Hahahaha

Rob Brown Iseheijiro • 16 hours ago
I agree with you and believe that sanctions should be permanent.
There is no need to do business with someone who demands that you do business with him. Intimidation by threat of turning off heating fuel is the act of a gangster, not a friend with whom you want to do business.
It is time to end all trade with Russia.
If Russia wants to trade with China or India, that's their business. But, for the EU and for America, it is time to look out for each other because allies and friends support each other. Russia is neither an ally or a friend to the EU. Just look at what they did to Ukraine.

Rob Brown Jan • 16 hours ago
It will defeat Putin.

fake like fake • 19 hours ago
I wonder what kind of info the NSA has about European leaders that can end they career or put them in prison because the way they are acting against Russia look like someone has been blackmailing them.

Rob Brown fake like fake • 17 hours ago
I wonder what kind of Information Putin has about China's nuclear arsenal aimed at the Russian people. Good luck with that increased trade thing. Fear of Nato? Fear of China? It's all the same in the end, isn't it?

fake like fake Rob Brown • 8 hours ago
You are so stupid. Are you American?

Oh My God fake like fake • 7 hours ago
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Thanks a million and please keep up the gratifying work.

Iseheijiro fake like fake • 8 hours ago
This guy does not discuss or argue intelligently. I have seen this kind remarks a lot among Russians.

Stan fake like fake • 17 hours ago
There's a lot of pressure from the USA of course, but other than that, they're simply sick of misguidance. They want to resolve all their issues as fast as possible. Greece struggle. Upcoming sudden unrest in Iraq. That Scotland thing... And Russia. Not easy being cheesy, my friend.

MrRFox • 19 hours ago
Exactly the wrong move at exactly the wrong time, but guess you can't expect better from a hive-mind of 28 egos in search of a stroke. WTF?
It's like they're daring Vlad to step on them with both feet. German auto makers should prepare to suffer.

Konstantin MrRFox • 19 hours ago
German automakers have already suffered because of the euro is high. Sales in Russia fell by half.

Rob Brown Konstantin • 17 hours ago
Yep, Russian aggression will cost both sides but in the end it really comes down to supporting your friends and knowing who is your enemy.
Do you really want to support someone who tries to intimidate you by telling you how much you have to lose by not doing business with him?
Read Konstantin russian troll above carefully and decide for yourself if his message is the message you want motivating you today. Look at your children and think of their future. Are you afraid? Or, are you angry now? Do you want to kowtow? Or, do you feel your inner strength speaking?

Konstantin Rob Brown • 15 hours ago
he's crazy, i agree. no doubt.

Konstantin Rob Brown • 16 hours ago
sorry, where did you find any aggression motives in my replyca?
i am so far from any aggression moreover personaly I spend more time in Europe than in Russia.
but any way your annoying democracy bring increasingly of pain then pleasure for all the people, isn't it

Rob Brown Konstantin • 15 hours ago
Annoying democracy belies your true motivation.

John Black • 18 hours ago
The US has no skin in the game. Sanctions and counter-sanctions will sink the EU economies which are already in depression - unemployment has increased 5 pct over the past four years, inflation is at less than half a percent. The US has nothing to lose and everything to gain by egging everyone on.

Rob Brown John Black • 17 hours ago
John Black,
Respectfully, this has nothing to do with having skin in the game and everything to do with ending trading support of a menace to the EU. It would be worth paying 20% more for heating fuel than allow the profits from those sales go to supporting Putin and the corrupt state he represents.
It is time to end all trade with Russia and keep that permanent until such time as Russia stops seeing the West as its enemy. If that never happens, then so be it. Let Russia trade with China or any country that wants to have that trading relationship. But, the time has come for the EU and America to end all trade with Russia.
You cannot force someone to trade with you by intimidation. Russian gas can and will be replaced.
You cannot call someone your enemy and then see yourself as a victim when they no longer trust you and no longer want to do business with you.

John Black Rob Brown • 17 hours ago
Rob Brown, "Menace" is a matter of perception. Who started this brawl? Recent history in the Middle East shows that the bigger global menace issues from Washington's thoughtless use of military power. Qui bono? Who benefits from all these conflicts? Certainly, not Russia. As you have so competently pointed out the Russian economy will suffer. The beneficiary is the US as every global conflict strengthens the USD.

Rob Brown John Black • 15 hours ago
There is no doubt that Russia is perceived as a menace to Ukraine, to Finland, to Rumania, to the Baltic States, and to every country in Europe that has decided to join NATO and take their chances as a member of the alliance which purpose is to protect them from the menace of the Russian menace. There is no matter of perception in doubt. That's why NATO exists.
Remember, it was Russia that invaded Europe and held millions of people hostage under communist dictatorships for generations. No, John Black, the matter of perception is quite clear in Europe.

bleech John Black • 14 hours ago
"Rob Brown, 'Menace' is a matter of perception. Who started this brawl?"
The short answer: Two Vladimirs--Lenin and Putin.

John Black bleech • 9 hours ago
Because you didn't like the way they looked at you?

bleech John Black • 15 hours ago
The EU and American economies can "stand a little rain" longer than the Russian economy. USSR 1.0 didn't work out so well, and Mr. Putin's fantasy of a USSR 2.0 shows all the promise of another dismal failure.

John Black bleech • 7 hours ago
It remains to be seen who is having fantasies. Checked the national debt lately?

Aleksey Shishin bleech • 13 hours ago
So interesting about USSR 2.0. Collapse of USSR it was a real tradegy. For local people it was for sure. It was a tradegy because it was not propertly organised. Yes, we really beleive in all USA freedom values indeed. But it was not necessary to make country collapse. It was possible to change course. All people of Russia was happy to change the country. The problem is in the methods. The methods how it was performed were very bad. What is why Putin mentioned it was a tradegy. But he never told about USSR 2.0. And of course, he never mentioned Russia to be again evil empire. USSR 2.0 is not funny.

bleech Aleksey Shishin • 12 hours ago
"All people of Russia was happy to change the country."
--------------------Most Russians have benefited by the reforms Mr. Gorbachev initiated. But one person especially unhappy with the changes is Mr. Putin. It matters little if most Russians are happy or not with the end of USSR 1.0. It matters only that Mr. Putin isn't happy with it, and is now attempting to insinuate, intimidate, and annex into a USSR 2.0 the territory of erstwhile USSR 1.0. Crimea, Ukraine, then on to Estonia, etc. etc.
What is insanity? One definition = "Repeating the same mistakes, but expecting a different outcome."
"USSR 2.0 is not funny."
----------------------Insanity not only is not funny, it can be downright dangerous.

Aleksey Shishin bleech • 11 hours ago
Sorry, I never hear from Putin if he is unhappy in this way you mentioned. All we need from Putin is to protect us from NATO threat. Deffence only. I hear what Putin speaks about, sometimes I disagree. But I do not really beleive about such mad things you mentioned.

Rob Brown • 19 hours ago
It's time to end all trade with Russia. Make it permanent. Do you really want to do business with Putin? Do you really believe anything will make Putin be a good neighbor ? Are you more concerned about appeasing Putin than living your life free from the Russian menace in Europe?
Are you tired of reading the replies from paid Russian trolls who will inevitably answer these questions with disparaging remarks? Are they the kind of people with whom you want to do business? Is it the worth paying 20% more for your gas in order to maintain EU freedom and self respect? Are you going to live with Putin forever?
It's time to end all trade with Russia.

Behumble Besimple Rob Brown • 18 hours ago
I also agree

Rob Brown Behumble Besimple • 18 hours ago
Thank you Behumble. We need to let our EU and American leaders know that this is the best policy. Please spread the word.
By the way, I watched a BBC documentary last night about New York City in 1951. There just happened to be a couple of still photos of people protesting in front of the brand new United Nations building. Guess what the protest signs read? They read' "Russians Out Of Ukraine". I guess this Russian aggression has been going on for a very long time. I wish I could upload the photos. I guess I should have not been surprised.

ThatsJustHowISeeIt Rob Brown • 19 hours ago
I agree. Putin is scheming to invade and break up Europe so why make his job easier.

Aleksey Shishin Rob Brown • 18 hours ago
I am in Russia and I totally agree with you. I am from other side, but I 100% agree! USA+NATO are the same as Hitler with whom we had peace\trade agreement. He betrayed as you will do. We need to stop any relations. War is closing. We need to focus on nukes not on trade!

Rob Brown Aleksey Shishin • 18 hours ago
Aleksey Shishin,
Respectfully, I disagree with you in your view that war is closing. There is no need for military conflict. Think of this as a divorce. You go your way and we go our way. You stay on your side and we stay on our side.
Your statement raising the specter of nuclear warfare is unnecessary and if you are trying to scare people in the EU or America, you are wasting your time. Trying to scare people into making them do business with you is not going to increase Russian standing in the West.
In any event, I wish you good luck and good riddance.
PS: For what it's worth, it was Russia that stabbed France and England in the back by signing that Russian/Nazi peace agreement in 1939. And, it was Russia that invaded Poland from the East when the Nazis invaded Poland from the West. So much for Russian friendship in Europe. Russia made the agreement with the Nazis, not America, not England, not Poland. For what it's worth...

Iseheijiro Rob Brown • 7 hours ago
It was Russia that broke neutrality pact with Japan and 1.6 million lowdown of rapists invaded Manchuria in the midnight of August 9th 1941. I was born there, took my American wife to China/Russia border 8 years ago. She understood what had happened there. Rob Brown, thank you for reminding me of the ugly ugly Russian history.

Kage Peint Rob Brown • 17 hours ago
Agreed Russia is perhaps not the best party to do business with but who will you follow? The hypocritical Americans. Remember they have scared many countries into not doing business with Cuba for over 50 years.

Rob Brown Kage Peint • 15 hours ago
This is not an issue about following anyone or any particular country. The EU should follow their hearts and decide for themselves who is their ally and friend and who is trying to intimidate them into a relationship.
The US does not scare any nation into doing business with America or not doing business with Cuba. There are plenty of Canadian business people in Cuba. There are plenty of Mexican business people in Cuba. There are plenty of Europeans doing business in Cuba.
Actually, America is one of the last countries still boycotting Cuba and that probably has more to do with the large Cuban American population in America that hate Castro.

Doryphore Rob Brown • 13 hours ago
The sad reality is that if the USA lifts its Cuban embargo, doing so would end Castro's and Russia's influence in Cuba very quickly.

Rob Brown Doryphore • 13 hours ago
I am in favor of lifting the embargo with Cuba in a slow but steady manner. Castro is a spent force but his communist party down there still hold the people by the cojones. There could be a spasm of violence when the embargo ends if the Cuban people rise up against their communist overlords. I would not like to see that happen if it can be avoided.
There are many people, especially those who lived through the revolution, to whom communism is still attractive. It's ironic, but it's the young people who want to break out and join the rest of the world as capitalists. I guess everyone wants to get rich, or at least, to own a nice car, home, and travel around a bit.
When Cuban/American relations are normalized, the standard of living on that island will become among the highest in the Caribbean. There is a huge cruise ship industry ready to build docks and other infrastructure in Cuba. Havana is a wonderful bay. And the island is huge with a lot of varied landscape from tropical rain forest to white sand beaches.
But, we digress from the route of our original topic.

Aleksey Shishin Rob Brown • 17 hours ago
Bob Brown,
Military conflict is unavidable. NATO at our gates and prepares to intervene. Russian people never accept our govenment to do first strike. We do not need Baltia or Poland to pay for their high level live as it was during Soviet times. But modern warfare is automated and fast. Finally some robot will push the trigger.
Russia is just a victim of US\NATO agression. It is clear for 100%. See on the map NATO is closing and surrounding us with full military rithoric.
I wish you good luck.

Lamlot Aleksey Shishin • 17 hours ago
The Soviet Union was a failed state and Russia is turning into a rogue state.

Lamlot Aleksey Shishin • 17 hours ago
They have to lock you up. You have been brainwashed to many times and you can't be cured anymore.

arrotoxieta Rob Brown • 18 hours ago
You cannot end trade with Russia. If there is a profit to make, investors will arrive. It's capitalism.
The only way to defeat Russia is to be brave and declare war. Only open, total war will stop the Russians.

Aleksey Shishin arrotoxieta • 17 hours ago
Actually, war with us is not impossible to win. We have 8000+ nuclear warehead. USA can hit not more then 10%. The delivery time is now about 22,5 minutes. All Russia's enemies will die during 1 hour with more than 300% guarantee. Russia will be stopped, nevertheless, due to global disaster. All humankind will die in several months after this 1 hour conflict.
BTW. 20 years ago the delivery time was 40 minutes. We have sighnificant progress in missile technology.

Rob Brown Aleksey Shishin • 15 hours ago
Do you know how many Chinese nuclear warheads are aimed at Russian cities right now? Just curious...

Rob Brown arrotoxieta • 18 hours ago
Respectfully, I disagree with you. The cost in human lives and suffering would be too great with a military conflict between Russia and the West. I am sure that no one on either side would want that to happen.
It is better to just end the trading relationship and let each side go their own way. There is no need to rattle bombs and mayhem at each other.
I do understand your thought that Western investors will undermine a non trading policy but I feel sure that, if it is the will of the people in the West, the volume of illegal trade will be at the bare minimum.
Ultimately, it is the best policy for all nations. Let Russia find its own way in the world. If they are so afraid of the West then let them trade with the East if that is what Russians want to do.
It's this constant anger at the West coming from Russia that makes me feel that they have a completely different view of us then we have of ourselves. So, let them go and find out if they are right or if they are wrong.
But, there is no need to rain bombs down upon each other as long as they keep to their side of the fence and we keep to ours.

arrotoxieta Rob Brown • 5 hours ago
Hitler was not stopped by sanctions. Yes, it took a lot of suffering, but it was worth it. Europe will have to absorb significant levels of casualties, but eventually they will destroy their secular enemy once for all, acquiring significant space to buffer China and immense natural resources.

AnalyticalThinker • 19 hours ago
Economic sanctions without the BRICS, and more importantly China, are non-efficacious.
The EU will continue to be the loser in all this, as they already have been thus far...

Rob Brown AnalyticalThinker • 17 hours ago
Nonsense. Russia has BRICKS in the head. If they think trading with India and Brazil is a replacement for the EU and America, let Russia believe that BRICS will build them a better home.
The EU and America should end all trade with Russia. If Russia wants to trade with China and if China is so inclined then let it be. The more important point is that the EU and America need not have to empower Putin and his gang by doing any business with him or them.
Do not let anyone intimidate you into thinking that you have to do business with them. That's called the Mafia. You do as you see fit and if paying 20% more for gas is a way of maintaining your self respect then pay the extra 20% and do not empower those who see you as the enemy.
It's as simple as that. Respect yourself. Respect your neighbors. Respect your allies. Know the enemy. Know your friends and support your friends, not your enemy.
American boys have died in the tens of thousands in two world wars. You can see their names in the graveyards across Europe. That's the real deal. But, there is no need for violence now and no need of fear of the Russians in the EU. Just be true to yourself and your children and know that Americans support you because Americans share your belief in democracy.
Our cheese may suck but our heart is with you as is the might and strength of the American economy.

Aleksey Shishin AnalyticalThinker • 18 hours ago
You are right. We will switch economy to other countries like malasya or Israel + BRICS + America Latina. We will buy evething and sell everithing there. We will not accept any further movement of NATO toward us. We are ready to pay.

Rob Brown Aleksey Shishin • 17 hours ago
Aleksey Shishin,
Now you are talking turkey! Go trade with your BRICS and good luck and good riddance.
By the way, you are so afraid of Nato and are looking for increasing trade with China. Do you know how many Chinese nuclear warheads are aimed at Russian cities today?

Iseheijiro Aleksey Shishin • 7 hours ago
Hey Alex, you don't seem to understand economy as Putin
doesn't. When US FED ends buying bonds and increases FF interest,
all emerging countries cash dries up! Its simple, money
goes to where money can be made which are US and EU. China is no
difference. Their cash will run out! Vy ponimaete?

Aleksey Shishin Iseheijiro • an hour ago
Yes, I do understand. But we have huge reserves we can use to run out of dollars and Euros since we do not plan to trade anymore. We can use our own currencies to trade with China and BRICS instead. Dollar became not reliable just after we started to think it is not. BTW, if Russian bank would face the necessaty to change all roubles to dollars at ones, the rate of rouble would fall not more than about 20-25%. We do not need to be US colony anymore.

Iseheijiro AnalyticalThinker • 18 hours ago
You depend on China man? CCP is running out money. Don't you know that? China is as corrupt as Russia. Don't you know that? You are the loser. Don't you know that? Hahahaha

Rob Brown Iseheijiro • 17 hours ago
Does Putin know how many Chinese nukes are aimed at Russian cities? Russian internal propaganda is always talking about NATO and now Putin is signing trade agreements with China. Is it any wonder that the Russian people have no idea of how the Chinese can nuke the cities of Russia?

Peter L • 20 hours ago
good to hear that these sanctions are going ahead ... there seem to be several whingers in the EU who are happy to let other countries give up everything as long as their little economies are okay.
the longer west ukraine is given to reform the more likely that it will be able to bring donbas back into the fold ... this wasn't the tactic i was hoping for, i preferred immediate arming of kiev; but perhaps a longer term policy of grinding down russian imperialism will work.

Rob Brown Peter L • 19 hours ago
I agree. It is time to end all trade with Russia. Just look at the paid replies from the Russian trolls here. They degrade and disrespect the EU and EU leadership. They are not friends of the EU or America.
Why do any business with them? Appeasement is a broken concept and never works out well.
They should just be left behind and ignored. We should trade with whom we respect and with whom we have a friendly relationship.

Peter L Rob Brown • 17 hours ago
while i agree with you in principle, it's not possible to end all trade with russia overnight ... it seems that the most promising line now is to use sanctions as a method of reining russia in ... putin must be outmanoeuvred ... the ukraine army and economy need to be rebuilt ... europe needs to find alternatives to russian gas in particular ... the smaller EU economies which are entirely reliant on russian energy need to be 'leaned on' ... the ukraine/russia border needs to be sealed ...
whilst i have never supported such actions before, the CIA should get active in Ukraine (weapons can be brought in covertly through Poland, ukraine military can receive covert training etc.) and there could also be covert support for siberian separatism, the development of the moldovan army etc.
it's a process which will take many years ... it's a process which the americans had identified as early as the early 1990s but which seems to have been ignored until now ...

Rob Brown Peter L • 16 hours ago
I agree with you in that ending all trade overnight is unrealistic. Steps should be taken over the course of a few years. Remember, the Russians will retaliate and lash out as the process unfolds so the faster, the better.
I expect Putin to invade and control Ukraine sooner or later. Only NATO nations will survive against Russian aggression. It may already be too late for Ukraine. I don't think the EU would be willing to support Ukraine with weapons or with Nato bases.
Ukraine is only one piece of the equation. The bigger pieces are the Baltic countries, Poland, and Rumania as well as Germany and Finland. They are the spearhead of NATO.
I do not support arming or encouraging separatist movements within Russia's borders unless Putin stirs up trouble in EU/NATO countries.
Ending trade need not be a reason for causing violence.

Peter L Rob Brown • 16 hours ago
i'm surprised that you think the game is up for ukraine ... russia won't invade the ukraine in the near future for several reasons ...
1. russia would get bogged down in a 'vietnam style' conflict. if putin invades, i think it's certain that there would be a continous flow of arms from the west into ukraine. i think the ukrainians would be up for the fight. putin's loose-lipped bluffing about nuclear war would be exposed.
2. russia would be crippled economically ... even to keep a nation of 45 million under control is going to be be very expensive (bear in mind that the russian population itself is only 140 million). but there is also the question of how russia would support a shattered ukrainian economy ... they couldn't just let the people of ukraine 'go to the dogs' ... much as they'd like to
3. there would have to be a reaction from the west ... heavy sanctions would have to come into force. russia would be isolated for decades.
i'm certain that putin is dreaming of rebuidling the territorial reach of the soviet union but russia doesn't have the power to 're-take' the baltics or poland

Rob Brown Peter L • 15 hours ago
I have a different point of view.
I do not see a Vietnam style conflict as the terrain is not suited for guerrilla warfare in Ukraine. Russian tanks would roll over Ukraine in less than ten days. There would be certain nationalist soldiers who would fight back and that could go on for awhile but it will not significantly change the situation for Ukraine.
In fact, Russia has ethnically cleansed Ukraine after the Second World War by the mass deportation of Crimean Tatars who lived their for many generations. Putin is capable of sending Ukrainians to Siberia by the trainload.
The reaction from the West would have to be more than just a refusal of trade if Putin invades Ukraine but the West will not go to war over Ukraine. There is no will in the European or American people for that war.

yurakm1 Rob Brown • 2 hours ago
BS. Not only Putin does not intend to send Ukrainians to Siberia, but is is technically impossible.
There are / were about 200,000 Crimean Tatars. There are about 45 millions Ukrainians vs. 140 millions Russians. Not to mention that pretty much every Russian has some Ukrainian ancestors. In parts of Siberia ethnic Ukrainians are the majority - the descendants of paisant farmers who moved there before WWI, when the land was free.

Iseheijiro Peter L • 16 hours ago
Peter, I agree. It will take 30 years or so for EU and NATO secure their energy source and borders. Importance is 1) security~2) trade with Russia. I kind of prefer to cut off trade with Russia for one year or so. I understand Rob Brown's anger but we must to be patient. We Japanese will do anything to curve Putin's aggression. Don't doubt!

ThatsJustHowISeeIt • 19 hours ago
What are they waiting on? They should have imposed crippling sanctions when Putin first invaded Ukraine by occupying Crimea.

Rob Brown ThatsJustHowISeeIt • 17 hours ago
Time to forget sanctions and eliminate all EU/US trade with Russia. End all of it.

Herzegovina Rob Brown • 17 hours ago
US trade definitely. Don't force the EU into it. Theres lots of cheap energy from a reliable supplier there, who don't turn around and fund terrorists that behead your citizens. You must be dreaming of those LNG tankers crossing the Atlantic.

Rob Brown Herzegovina • 15 hours ago
No one is forcing the EU to do anything except Russian trolls who constantly harp on the idea that Europeans will freeze in the winter if they do not do business with Russia.
It comes down to EU folks deciding whether they want to accept that Russian intimidation or seek out another path. Angela Merkel will lead the way, not Obama. But, Americans stand firmly in support of EU energy independence from Russia.
The reliable supplier to whom you refer is considered by most Europeans to be a dangerous entity that Europeans know has already enslaved millions of people behind an Iron Curtain for decades.
And, that supplier has invaded Ukraine and turned off the gas to Ukraine. Not very nice.

Aleksey Shishin Rob Brown • 13 hours ago
Rob, Russia did not turned off gas to Ukraine. Ukraine just decided not to pay at all. But Ukraine do transit gas without problems to Europe. All the problems are in technical state of ukrainian pipes, very old and requiring maintanance. Ukraine will be happy get gas for free and Russia gave some for free. Now Ukraine must to pay. BTW, price for Ukraine is 385 and 400 for Poand. Normal and fairy price.
Moreover, Ukraine will steal the gas this winter as it is obvious. And Russia will forgive it.
Only bad trolls can tell you so really bad and anfair things like to cut off gas in winter. Russia will obey contracts. It is trade, not politics.

Rob Brown Aleksey Shishin • 13 hours ago
Russia turned off the gas to Ukraine. The rest is just double speak. We'll see what happens this winter.

Aleksey Shishin Rob Brown • 11 hours ago
In this case it is just impossible to turn off. The same pipe is used to export gas by transit to the Customers in EU. So, phisically it is not turned off. Ukraine has a commercial offer but do not buy. If I could see something I want to buy but could not pay the price it does not mean I am not allowed to buy. Ukrainians just preffer not to buy.
BTW, in same supermarket I look there items are produced. If I see cheese from EU - I will not buy. I tried to buy some beer, but all was US or EU brands or made on the factories used such brands. I did not buy anything. I was not enforced, like Ukraine now.

Rob Brown Aleksey Shishin • 10 hours ago
Good for you. Stay away from doing business with the EU and America. Soon, those products will no longer appear on the shelf in your country.
In regard to the Russian pipeline closure to Ukraine, please read this from the BBC in June:
"Ukraine says Russia has cut off all gas supplies, in a major escalation of a dispute between the two nations.
"Gas supplies to Ukraine have been reduced to zero," Ukrainian Energy Minister Yuri Prodan said."

Herzegovina ThatsJustHowISeeIt • 17 hours ago
Sanctions should also be applied to those that invaded Iraq, Libya and the rest. Those that break the Geneva convention at will. More sanctions for not getting UN approval and abiding by international law, Russia included. That would be real justice.

Stan ThatsJustHowISeeIt • 17 hours ago
"Crippling" as in #SochiProblems?

armdkny • 14 hours ago
Once again Bloomberg uses unverified info from Ukrainian sources.
"8000 Russian soldiers wounded and 2000 Russian soldiers dead"??
LOL!! I'm outta here.

David Brinton armdkny • 14 hours ago
And, remarkably, they seem to have no ability to quote anyone from eastern Ukraine.

Aleksey Shishin armdkny • 14 hours ago
Bloomerg just points on what do they speak. It is clear Ukrainian authorities are corruptive and unefficient evil liers.

BunnynSunny - Verax armdkny • 13 hours ago
Bloomie's is the mouthpiece of the Kiev Ministry of Hate and Lies. Its motto to its readers should be "Ignorance is strength."

Виталий Татаринцев armdkny • 14 hours ago
Bloomberg has many clowns in their East-European middle-office)

rick08 • 18 hours ago
Watching the EU deciding how and if to confront Putin, one is too easily reminded of Chamberlain and Hitler where Chamberlain lacked the guts and will to take a hard forceful position with Hitler. Instead Hitler was encouraged to invade Poland thus launching WW II and the resulting carnage. The EU lacks courage and foresight and would prefer to stick their heads under their pillows and hope whatever Putin does will not affect their particular interests, or if things really get bad, the US will ride to their rescue - once again!

Rob Brown rick08 • 17 hours ago
I think you may be right about this but I hope EU leadership have learned from the past.
The time has come to end all EU and American trade with Russia.

Doryphore Rob Brown • 13 hours ago
Sadly, I don't think EU has learned from history.

Rob Brown Doryphore • 13 hours ago
I guess we will see how this turns out in due course. So far, the EU has been especially cautious but they have sent a united message, weak as it may be, to Putin.
Now that Merkel is on board, Germany will add a lot more weight in the direction of more powerful sanctions. I tell you, I would not want to be on her bad side. I think she is the most powerful politician in this whole situation.
Pretty soon, the Russian trolls will be trying to sell us on how she is selling out the Baltic States or some other bit of disinformation nonsense.

Rodolfo Plancarte Rob Brown • 13 hours ago
Interesting on your statement about Merkel. Thanks for pointing that out.

Rob Brown Rodolfo Plancarte • 12 hours ago
Look at the photo of Merkel in yesterday's Assocaited Press article:
She looks deadly. I would do as she says I should do.

Doryphore rick08 • 13 hours ago
You are very much right. EU does not want to stand up to Putin. They like cheap/convenient gas and oil. They also know if anything goes wrong, the US will be there again to fight for them. They need to deal with their own issues.

AnalyticalThinker • 19 hours ago
This foreign policy blunder should prove itself a spectacular failure when the populous of the EU, are hungry, broke, jobless, AND COLD. When internal dissension reaches new highs, there will be greater state threats forming inside their own borders...

Rob Brown AnalyticalThinker • 19 hours ago
As you read the comment above from AnalyticalThinker, are you willing to be degraded by Russian trolls who work for Putin? It is time to end all trade with Russia.

Keith_Fenton • 13 hours ago
Mr. Putin is an enemy of all 'open societies.'

Виталий Татаринцев Keith_Fenton • 13 hours ago
Maybe. ISIS sponsors, Albanian and Ukrainian allies.


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