2016/06/22 (Wed) Our view of the Pacific War
akatonbo flying dragon

"Red Flying Dragon" was the nickname for the Japanese Naval Flying Academy. It is also the name of the airplanes used in training.

mitsuo bro 005

Seven buttons and an anchor was the insignia. My third brother Mitsuo was 16 years old when he signed up for the Japanese Navy flight preparatory course "Trainee." He survived the war and passed away at 88 years old - January of 2016.. I am proud of him for his courage and love of his country, he was willing to die for her.

mitsuo me 2010.6

Ten years ago he came to see me at Tsukiji Hotel in Tokyo. The man on the left is my brother. We had an Italian dinner with two bottles of red wine. Four people at the next table were astonished when they heard that my brother was a Kamikaze candidate. He had a quiet and gentle nature. He loved flying even at age of 78. He was also passionate about playing the organ. I miss him so much. In tribute and in memory of Mitsuo I will express our view of the Pacific War. Iseheijiro

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I am proud of my country

30th aniversary

I am proud to be a descendant of the HEIKE Clan. One in four Japanese have Heike DNA. Heike lost the war against Genji, however, Heike left Buddhist temples, Hiragana, Waka that later became Haiku, the kimono and Lady Murasaki. "The Tale of Heike" is still the best seller today, it is a sad story. Our Emperor also has Heike DNA.

My father, Haruo, was a sailor on the battleship"FUSO" in 1915. Japan is a maritime country while China is not. Chinese sailors are afraid of water that is well known fact.

Iseheijiro/Christine Aragon Louisiana USA






伊勢平次郎はペンネーム。アメリカへ単身移住してから50年が経つ。最初の20年間は英語もろくに話せなかった。英語というのは、聴き取りにくく、発音しにくい厄介なものだ。負けん気だけで生きた。味方を作ることが生き残る道だと悟った。そのうち、コロンビア映画、スピールバーグ監督、トヨタ工場、スバル・いすゞ工場の北米進出、日本の新聞社に雇われた。2013・6 冒険小説You Die For Me アブドルの冒険(邦題)をアマゾンから出版した。昨年のクリスマスには、King of Pepper(英語版)胡椒の王様を出版した。日本、英国、デンマーク、ドイツの読者が読んでくれたわ。妻のクリステインと犬2匹で、ルイジアナの湖畔に住む。

写真は、ハヤブサ F. p. japonensis。カタカナで書かれる。瞬間飛翔速度は、時速300キロという猛禽。