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Iseheijiro Retaliation • a day ago
The bottom line of the issue is to build trust. Iranians are not threat to US neither to Israel. Obama will be remembered for Iran issue and Cuba. Republicans as McCain are living in fear. McCain is also afraid of Japan to become a nuclear nation because US dropped two a-bombs in the population and killed 220,000 unarmed women, children, babies and the elders. My wife and I visited Smithsonian Warplane Museum in Virginia few years ago. Please remove Enola Gay from the museum if Americans were true friend and ally of Japanese.

eyethink2 Iseheijiro • a day ago
If Iran wishes to not appear to be threat to the US and Israel, then perhaps they shouldn't be shouting in the streets, "Death to Americans" and "Death to Israel". And, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard needs to stop trying to provoke the US Navy. The reality is that internal Iranian politics make it difficult for the country to normalize relations with the West (and many reasons not to).

As far as Japan and the Enola Gay, you took this issue out of context and unrelated to the subject matter. The Smithsonian is a repository for history. Some good, some bad and some mixed. Truman made a difficult decision that is as controversial today as it was 70 years ago. Can you say that Japan would not have fought to the very last man (and woman) in defense of their (your?) native land? Think about what happened in the island wars in the months before. As an example in Feb. 1945, at Iwo Jima, the island commander Lt. General Kuribayashi had a strategy of defense to the last man. In that battle, Japanese losses totaled 20,000 with only 1,083 prisoners captured. This caused the death of 6,800 US Marines. In Okinawa in February it's estimated that 94% of the 117,000 Japanese soldiers died and there were 75,000 American casualties.

So let's pretend you're President Truman. You have at your disposal a weapon that is the most destructive thing created in the history of the world - but who's use would like save the lives of hundreds of thousands of US soldiers from attacking the Japanese homeland. And, arguably the lives of hundreds of thousands or perhaps millions of Japanese civilians as well as soldiers. The US had prepared "Operation Downfall", for the invasion of Japan. The US was estimating that US casualties for that would run from 500,000 to 1 million US personnel and millions for Japanese, both civilian and military. Do you think such an attack would have resulted in less than 220,000 civilian causalties?

Given those estimates, if you were President Truman, what would you have done?

And as far as America being a true friend of the Japanese, I'd suggest you consider the last 70 years when you ask that question, rather than base it upon one exhibit in the Smithsonian which is troublesome.

Iseheijiro eyethink2 • a day ago
The biggest BS I ever heard. Arrogant man! You are exhibiting the souvenir from murder scene. Aren't you afraid Japan to become nuclear nation? No? Then you are a big moron!

eyethink2 Iseheijiro • a day ago
What, is that your response? A reasoned argument? That I'm arrogant and a moron?

1. I've been to the Smithsonian. Lots of souvenir's from murder scenes. And, a wartime act is not considered a murder scene (if you want to talk about murder in wartime perhaps we should include examples of atrocities committed by both sides during this horrible conflict?). I'll note that this action was done under the terms of the Quebec Agreement and not a unilateral US action.

2. Afraid of Japan becoming a nuclear nation? I have no idea what you are talking about. Japan is a nuclear nation. Do you mean nuclear weapons? I'd like to see all nuclear weapons go away by all nations including the US. That's not happening anytime soon. Regardless, nothing in my comments had anything to do with Japan being a nuclear weapons nation. Unless I'm misunderstanding, your comment is spurious and off-topic.

3. In your post you entirely avoided my question and my comments. (a) the use of nuclear weapons is hotly debated to this day. (b) Japanese command made it clear by their actions that continuing the war would have meant many hundreds of thousands of US military dead and millions of Japanese military and civilian deaths. Do you have evidence that this is not true or (more importantly) that the US leadership had any reason to doubt this was true? In preparation for "Operation Downfall" the US had 500,000 Purple Heart medals made.

So my question was legitimate; if you were President Truman would consider using this destructive weapon because you believed it would shorten the war and save US and Japanese lives? Not whether it was evil or not, I'm asking you to step in those shoes. If I were in those shoes, it would be a terrible decision as to which in the time of war was the greater evil.

I'd like to see your reasoned answer. Calling me a moron without presenting any evidence to refute the facts doesn't really qualify.
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Iseheijiro eyethink2 • a day ago
So, its OK to kill unarmed civilians to win the war you started? Watch this and read all the comments.


eyethink2 Iseheijiro • a day ago
Did you just say war you started?

Yeah, I'm done. Have a nice day.

Iseheijiro eyethink2 • a day ago
Hey, did you watch Fox News video? Are you coward?

eyethink2 Iseheijiro • a day ago
1. You are blaming the US for starting the war with Japan, because they didn't catch the signals that Japan was attacking Hawaii?
2. You're going to create huge assumptions about the US because of an author of a book - who's featured on Fox News?
3. You're going to then based all of your conspiracy theories based upon trolls on the internet, trolling Fox news?
4. Still, still you never responded to my question regarding the thoughts going on for Truman as to which was the worse evil and which would have had the largest number of casualties, both US and Japanese (how come you won't respond to a simple a question).

And in all of that you call me a coward. Along with a moron and arrogant. What are you a 4th grader?

Don't bother to respond. You can't teach pigs to sing, it frustrates you and irritates the pig. Let's not waste either others time.

I like to have reasoned conversation with intelligent people of different viewpoints who are interested in discussing complex issues. Trolls can just take a hike.

Iseheijiro eyethink2 • a day ago
So you don't agree with the majority saying Pearl Harbor was false flag. 999 out of 1000 Americans are admitting the FDR's alleged scheme. You are not?

eyethink2 Iseheijiro • 21 hours ago
Against my better judgment I'll respond one more time.

Feel free to post evidence, any evidence that 999 out of 1,000 Americans believe that FDR had a scheme to cause the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor and/or specifically knew and ignored the information in order to have cause to enter the war.

1. You said 999 out of 1,000 Americans admit this - that is what you need to provide evidence of. 999 out of 1,000 Americans. Heck, I'll take evidence that 10% of Americans believe this.
2. While you're at it please provide evidence that this is allegation is true (that is a separate question than if Americans believe it). Evidence is not links to sites like infowars.
3. Even if you have said evidence on points 1&2 (you don't). The reality is that the US did not cause Japan to attack Pearl Harbor. This was a decision by the Japanese. It wasn't planted in their minds by the evil FDR, although he certainly used to call for war (rightfully so).
4. Still, still, still never one time responding to my simple question.

If you do not respond to my question, or provide evidence to support your outrageous allegations I refuse to respond to any of your incredibly stupid posts.

Iseheijiro eyethink2 • 21 hours ago
Why don't you post your comment on that Fox News Video? I posted many times on BB claiming that the war was planned by FDR and only one attacked me. You are the second person. Listen to what the author is saying. If you don't understand what the author is saying then you are wasting my time.

eyethink2 Iseheijiro • 20 hours ago
1. Evidence that 999 out of 1,000 Americans believe this.
2. Evidence that supports this allegation.
3. Answer my simple question.

I'm guessing you have difficulty with comprehension. I've now asked that last question 5 times.

Iseheijiro eyethink2 • 20 hours ago
So, its OK to kill unarmed civilian? You didn't answer my question. Coward!

eyethink2 Iseheijiro • 20 hours ago
Once again with the names. You are very tiresome.

I'll try one more time (really, then I'll quit).

You are President Truman. You have a chance at ending the war, but know it will result in massive civilian casualties. You are weighing that against a long campaign including months of sustained bombing and then a ground attack that will also result in massive civilian casualties, many times than dropping the A bomb. What do you do?

It's not a question of killing unarmed civilians, it's a question of which method of warfare kills the least number.

Now why do I expect that you'll continue to ignore my questions and reply with insults.

Have a nice day.

Iseheijiro eyethink2 • 19 hours ago
ANSWER MY QUESTION! I don't discuss about any war with punk.


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